Le Griddle
Designed & manufactured in France
Le Griddle is designed and engineered with the approval of French chefs for the optimal American outdoor cooking experience. The French factory is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products made entirely from 304S stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty. Foods are seared and cooked in their own juices across stainless flat top surface. Beneath the flat cooking surface is Le Griddle’s patented, 1/2-inch thick cast iron heat plate which accumulates the heat then transfers it to the stainless steel for perfectly balanced heat distribution across the entire cooking surface.
Perfectly balanced heat distribution across the entire cooking surface.
Le Griddle models are available in three different sizes: 16”, 30” and 41”. Each size is available as a counter top, built-in, or can also be equipped with a cart. Griddles are easy to accessorize with lids, covers or starter kits, so whether you need a sidekick for your grill or need a new backyard hero, Le Griddle makes it happen.
The “Wee” Le Griddle
The “Wee” Griddle, cooks 12 burgers with 9,000 BTUs and a 16” cooking surface. Ideal for tailgating! Free standing or built in.
The “Original” Le Griddle
The “Original” Griddle, serve up to 20 guests with 18,000 BTUs and a 30” cooking surface. Free standing, built in or with a cart.
The “Ultimate” Le Griddle
The “Ultimate” Griddle, perfect grilling for up to 30 people with 27,000 BTUs and a 41” cooking surface. Free standing or built in.